CVSA Operation Safe Driver Week: July 15-21, 2018

Traffic safety personnel will be on the lookout for unsafe commercial and passenger vehicles. The ultimate goal for this enforcement to work towards zero deaths on the roadways.

Unsafe behaviors such as distracted driving, failure to use seatbelts and disobeying traffic laws count for a majority of crashes on our roadways. Without these dangerous habits, a majority of accidents can be avoided. CVSA’s Operation Safe Driver Week was created to help reduce the number of deadly crashes involving large trucks and other vehicles. During Operation Safe Driver Week, there will be increased CMV and passenger vehicle traffic enforcement.

The CVSA will work with the FMCSA and other transportation agencies across North America with the use of educational and traffic enforcement strategies, aiming to improve the habits of all drivers, especially involving CMVs.

To find out more information about events happening in your area, contact the agency in your jurisdiction.

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