Ezlogz Features

Ezlogs offers unique features that help you stay connected with your fleet, other drivers and even family and friend out on the road, all in one easy to use app.


It’s lonely out there.  In the 70’s, CB Radio was the rage.  Today, it’s chat.  Communicate with other drivers and with your family and friends.  All part of the Ezlogz ELD experience.  No need for other apps.  And, it’s not just for non-work chatting.  Connect as well with back office, be more productive and have more earnings potential.


In-fleet Messaging:

Sometimes talking can’t convey all that’s needed.  Sometimes you need things displayed so that you can view them later.  In-fleet allows the back office to send pickup and delivery instructions, document information, other items that need to be viewed directly to the same Ezlogz ELD app that drivers are already using.  For drivers, it’s the same thing.  In-fleet Messaging with the Ezlogz ELD app allows drivers to convey information to the back office that simple conversation can’t convey.  It’s fast, easy, and saves time and money for everyone.