Ezlog Features: Making Compliance Easy

Tracking and Geofencing:

The is a great feature for fleets large and small.  It’s even good for owner-operators.  As part of the Ezlogz ELD app and service, Tracking and Geofencing allows viewers on the portal to see where trucks and currently located and the routes driven during today or the selected date of interest.  The benefits to this are better fleet management such as to see who’s closest to a customer for carrying a new load, or tracking down a stolen vehicle, among other benefits.  Geofencing allows the back office to set boundaries around an area of address and receive alerts when the vehicle crosses the boundary, going into it, out of it, or either one.  Violation of the boundary causes an alert to occur.  This is very useful for alerts on stolen vehicles, for example, and can also be used to get an automatic alert when the truck arrives or leaves a customer or other location.  This significantly enhances fleet management.


Engine Diagnostics

If you own a fleet of trucks, do you want to hear about problems after they happen.  Do you want to know if your trucks are being abused?  Do you want to depend on the driver to give you accurate and timely information about the vehicle?  With Engine Diagnostics as part of the Ezlogz ELD service, you can set alerts based on vehicle items of interest, such as coolant temperature, engine RPM’s, speed, Device Trouble Code, oil pressure, and more.  You set the alert based on a value, such as coolant temperature over 300 degrees, rpm’s over 4,000, the Check Engine light goes on, and get an alert to this condition.  Timely information saves time and money.  It’s’ all in the Ezlogz ELD service!



Alerts are very useful for both drivers and the back office.  Nothing like going to the movies while someone is stealing the truck.  Alerts from a geofence are indispensable for both the driver and the back office.  Same for engine diagnostics.  Find out about issues before they become serious or chronic.  Be in the know.  Saves time and money.  And, it’s all part of the Ezlogz ELD service.