What’s new for Canadian Drivers?

ELD’s will be mandatory in Canada as of December 2019. But what else is new for Canadian truckers?

Canada is looking to pass a new training that requires minimum entry-level semi truck driver standards. The training will be put into the National Safety Code to recognize the importance of training truck drivers must undergo.

This is important to Canada as the country still mourns over The Humboldt Broncos bus crash of April 6, 2018. Sixteen fatalities and thirteen injuries occured when the Junior Hockey Team’s bus collided with a semi-truck.

Because of the history, this new law shows great importance to the community. Over 2,100 people signed the petition to pass.

A reminder for our American drivers. U.S based carriers are allowed into Canada if they have proper documentation, and do not have a criminal record. While in America a DUI won’t disqualify someone from being a truck driver. It’s important to note that a DUI, including conviction under open container laws, prohibits drivers from entering Canada, as Canada perceives a DWI as a criminal offence.