Canada: Don’t wait until the ELD mandate

In December 2019 all Canadian drivers must be compliant with the new ELD mandate. However, if you sign up now you’ll be grandfathered in allowing you to use AOBRD/ERD. Similar to the process used in the U.S, the mandate will allow a two year period where those grandfathered in with ERD will have time to transition to ELD.

During the two year grace-period drivers and carriers with ERD will be exempt from using an ELD, allowing them time to select, install, and train their drivers to use an ELD. Resembling the U.S, after the two year period, all Canadian drivers must be in full compliance. Failure to comply may result in ELD violations, with fines ranging from $1,000 to $10,000, and out of service orders.

Canada and the U.S mandates are similar in many ways, one difference is the Canadian mandate applies to any CMV 1995 or newer, and the U.S mandate applies to any CMV 2000 or newer. Another difference includes Personal Conveyance mode. The U.S doesn’t have any restrictions, yet Canadian drivers are only limited to 75 kilometers within 24 hours. Also, in the U.S, carriers are required to share detailed reports and files to enforcement of eight days of log data. Where as Canada doesn’t require detailed reports, but drivers are required to share 14 day log data in PDF form.

There are benefits to using AOBRD/ERD compared to ELD. For instance, with ERD fleet managers can reassign driving time to a different driver, with ELD you cannot. Also, ELD it’s required to transfer data to an DOT inspector during an inspection, yet ERD is not required to transfer data, instead they must email in PDF format, or fax to DOT officials. The table below compares how both AOBRD/ERD and ELD records data, locations, editing, and driving time. This table summarizes the FMCSA’s comparison chart.

Roughly 80,000 Canadian CMVs operate into the U.S on a regular basis. The Canadian ELD mandate will ensure consistency with drivers transporting over the U.S Canadian border. The Canadian ELD mandate will help drivers comply with each countries regulations and create a safer work environment for everyone on the road.

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