Truck driver sacrificed himself to save others in crash on I-94

Two semi truck drivers were killed in a crash on I-94/41 on Wednesday. The crash happened in a construction zone near Mount Pleasant in Racine County Wisconsin.

Sheriff Christopher Schmaling stated, in a press conference, that the crash began when a semi truck driving southbound on I-94 made a lane change and hit a construction barrier. The driver then swerved and crashed into the median wall, which sent the median wall into oncoming traffic in the northbound lanes.

Three vehicles traveling northbound collided into the median and each other. In that moment, the second semi truck traveling northbound chose to heroically drive off the interstate to avoid colliding with the over vehicles ahead of him. This sent him crashing 30 feet below the interstate, where his truck burst into flames and hung off of the side.

Both semi truck drivers died at the scene and two other people are suffering from serious injuries.