Hundreds of Truck Drivers Protest Against Climate Bill in Salem

On Thursday June 27, hundreds of truck drivers drove to the streets while gathering with loggers, farmers, and family members in Salem Oregon, at the state capitol building in protest against H.B. 2020. 

Oregon house bill 2020 (H.B. 2020) is an Oregon bill that would introduce a statewide cap and trade system in efforts to reduce carbon emissions. Those protesting fear that if this bill is passed it will raise fuel costs and even cause job cuts.

The Oregon Trucking Association, TimberUnity and the Farm Bureau, along with other natural resource groups spread the news about the event to their members in efforts to protest the bill. They also wanted to show support for the eleven Republican senators who refused to vote on bill H.B. 2020 by walking out eight days ago. Despite Oregon’s Governor, Brown’s efforts to get the senators vote, he has been unsuccessful. They stand firm in their refusal to return to Salem. 

During the protest, 18 senate democrats met for a floor session with hopes the republican senators would join. They need two republican senators to reach a quorum of 20, which is the minimum number of members needed to make the proceedings of the meeting valid. The legislative session ends on Sunday, so lawmakers only have a few more days to pass H.B. 2020.