Union Pacific will fine truckers who are late or miss appointments

Union Pacific, the railroad company, will start issuing fines in September of 2019 to truck drivers and trucking companies who miss their intermodal deliveries at six of their west coast terminals. In addition, Union Pacific is also cracking down on the timely removal of containers by imposing new penalties to the drivers who fall short.

Earlier this month Union Pacific issued a customer announcement of their plans to increase efficiency by introducing and implementing a new digital Intermodal Terminal Reservation System (ITR). The ITR will be effective August 6, 2019 replacing their existing Gate Reservation System (GRS) at those six terminals.

The new system will fine drivers $25 for canceling a reservation less than 24 hours prior to the gate cutoff and fine $50 for missing an appointment. However, Union Pacific will also provide a $100 credit for on-time drop offs that don’t depart on the scheduled train. The credit can be used to offset any fines the driver may have inquired. 

The ITR system will be at the following terminals: East Los Angeles, LATC, City of Industry, Lathrop, Brooklyn, and TacSim. Fines will be issued to drivers in less than one month after the system goes into effect, on September 3, 2019. 

Union Pacific also plans to implement the ITR System at other U.S terminals in the future.