FMCSA Survey on Harassment and Assault on Female Drivers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) plans on administering a survey to better understand the harassment and assault of minority and female truck drivers. The agency stated it needs to better understand the, “prevalence, seriousness, and nature of the problem of harassment and assaults against minority and female truckers.” As well as why these crimes are underreported.

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The FMCSA currently doesn’t provide training to truckers on how to protect themselves from being stalked, harassed, assaulted or robbed. Before any preventative solution can be established the FMCSA must analyze all aspects of these crimes and ways drivers can protect themselves. 

The proposed study will require a maximum 440 female truck drivers and 440 minority truck drivers. The study will conduct a combination of in-person interviews and online surveys. Eligible participants must be a female or minority professional truck driver in the past two years. Eligible respondents who complete both the interview and survey will receive a $25 incentive.  

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Ellen Voie

President of Women in Trucking, Ellen Voie, said her members have been working with the FMCSA for the past 18 months. Voie told Transport topics, “You see lawsuits popping up every once in while, especially with trainers and trainees,” Voie added, “We want to know where is it happening, how often is it happening and what can we do to stop it.” Voie explained that because there’s a shortage of truck drivers by addressing these issues head on, could draw more truck drivers from these groups to alleviate the shortage. 

The FMCSA is currently seeking public comment ending on September 23.