CTA’s request to provincial ministers

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) wrote to each provincial transportation minister, urgently requesting them to endorse the ELD mandate for provincially-regulated carriers.

In remembrance of the Humboldt Bronco bus crash on April 6, 2018 when sixteen people were killed and thirteen people injured due to a semi truck traveling 60 MPH who failed to yield at a flashing stop sign. In support with Transport Canada’s announcement last month regarding the rules covering federal regulated carriers. The CTA is requesting that all jurisdictions in Canada have ELD rules set for provincial carriers as well so that both federal and provincial carriers transition from paper-based compliance to an electronic one. 

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In the letter to each provincial transportation minister, the CTA wrote, “Non-compliant behaviour that leads to road safety risks knows no boundaries and certainly does not distinguish between provincially and federally regulated carriers when it comes to hours of service regulations,” the letter continues to say, “the events and timeframes in the days prior to the Humboldt collision would have been much more transparent under an ELD regime.  We must end the opportunities for this egregious and unsafe behaviour regardless of whether the trucking company crosses provincial/territorial boundaries or offers services within a jurisdiction.” 

The CTA president Stephen Laskowski stated that now is the time to make the compliance regulations more efficient and improve overall safety. Carriers should be in compliance no matter what territory they’re in or traveling to.