Missouri Truck Drivers Want to Ban Driverless Trucks

In fear of losing their jobs, truck drivers rallied at the state capitol building in Jefferson City, Missouri, on Tuesday, to raise awareness of the impact self-driving semi trucks will have on the trucking industry. 

The drivers also showed their support for Rep. Mike Moon, who greeted his supporters at the capitol building and invited them inside to listen to their concerns. Moon created a bill that could ban driverless truck technology in the state of Missouri. Moon argues driverless trucks will not only rob good people of their jobs, but they’re also a safety risk to the public. 

The event was organized by veteran owner-operator Bill Bogar, who stated he fears the impact driverless technology will have on his job. Bogar explained, “This is my job… once these things come in, I’m done; I’m out. Most of these people coming in today are literally a week out of being out of business.” Bogar continue to say many companies are lining up to join automated trucking because there’s numerous grants available.

Additionally, participants voiced their concerns about HR 1511, which would require drivers to provide barriers on their trailers to prevent under-ride crashes, which are rare. Furthermore, the type of skirts legislation wants to require are too expensive for operators.