Ezlogz CEO #”CJ”SergeyKarman asks for broker transparency in letter to President Trump.

Dear Mr. President,
I am writing this message on behalf of truck drivers that united in requesting for assistance that is direly needed. There is a pandemic in the trucking industry in America right now. My name is CJ Sergey Karman, and I started in the industry in 2009 as a truck driver and became a broker in 2011. Now, as founder/CEO of my own Fleet management software company, I am here to stand up for truck drivers that are being taken advantage of by some brokers. We need immediate relief, as the truck drivers are the backbone of this country. All other areas of the trucking industry are currently regulated, and it is time to make changes before it is too late.
On May 1st, 2020, over 70 small-business trucking companies lined their trucks along Constitutional avenue and blared their horns as a Mayday call to you, Mr. President, we need help now! Rick Santiago organized this movement to give hope to the struggling drivers that are currently being robbed of fair opportunities in the industry. Everyone involved has been standing with these truck drivers in Washington D.C., to move this agenda forward, and get this letter into your hands. While there are many issues such as rates, and safety, we have put together just a few for focus.
Below listed are issues that need to be addressed:

  1. No double and/or co-brokerage. Prohibit brokers from selling the same load more than once.
  2. Transparency – Mirror government load policy, so all parties dealing with the load are listed. The amount every party is charging shall be on the Bill of Landing and announced before each load is booked.
  3. Cap brokers –Brokers shall be capped at a certain percentage from the gross.
    We are ready to provide the needed data and details to move this process and policies forward to both yourself and forwarding to DOJ. This movement is to better the trucking industry and to help the truckers. We appreciate your time, Mr. President.