#AmericanTruckers in D.C. follow up with letter to President Trump.

Dear President Trump,
We are the small business owner-operators in the trucking industry. We are the dedicated and hard-working men and women who hail from all fifty states in the union. We take pride in our important role in keeping America great. Trucking companies with 25 trucks or less haul the majority of the freight in the nation. We are the lifeblood that makes our economy the envy of the word. However, despite what we have achieved during this time of national emergency, we are in trouble, and it is our responsibility to make you aware of it. Mr. President, we seek your help in making sure that together we make trucking great again.
On May 1st, 2020, over 100 trucks and more than 30 operators in personal vehicles descended on our nation’s capital. Trucks parked on the tree-lined lanes of Constitutional Avenue and blared their horns respectfully in a mayday call to you. Mr. President, we are in distress, and we need your help now. We are here in representation of all of our brothers and sisters who could not accompany us into the capital because they are making sure that the supply chain isn’t broken. We have coordinated and united men and women from all creeds and backgrounds with the intent on making you and the American people aware of the crisis we face in the trucking industry today. We seek relief for all owner-operators, small business, and the American trucker who is currently struggling to remain afloat even while trying to keep our economy from total collapse.
While there are many issues such as rates, and safety, we have put together just a few that require immediate attention.
These are the issues that need to be addressed:

  1. No double and/or co-brokerage-Prohibit brokers from selling the same load more than once.
  2. Transparency-Mirror government policy on freight. All information, including financial details, must be available to parties involved before the load is booked. Set up packages that include a clause to waive rights to review the record of transaction, hence violating federal regulation 49 CFR 371.3.
  3. Cap brokers –Brokers shall be capped at a certain percentage from the gross.
    We are ready to provide the needed data and details to move this process and policies forward to both yourself and also forwarding to DOJ. The 1989 Quantum agreement between J.B. hunt and Santa Fe railway needs to be reviewed. The set-up packages from brokers that includes verbiage that waives the rights to review record of transaction needs to be forbidden. The attached document shows the cost vs the current rates offered. This movement is to improve the trucking industry and to help the truckers. We appreciate your time, Mr. President.

#Truckers United